Entry-Level CostumesEdit

Entry Level Costumes are costumes which are relatively cheap and easy to make.

Mostly SoftEdit



Most of the UNSC crew members and support staff throughout the Halo Universe have simple uniforms- essentially modern jumpsuits and BDUs. We can embellish them with 405th IDs and insignia, as well as props like the Magnum sidearms.

Soft and VacuformEdit


Marines' armor ranges from nothing- as seen in the Flood levels of Halo C.E.- to the fixed, simple plates of early Halo C.E., to the jointed armor of the Halo 3 marines. Overall, though, it's re-create-able largely with fitted BDUs and vacuformed armor.

There are a few different Marines from the different areas of the different games:

  • fixed-armor Halo CE marines.
  • unarmored. boonie hats, rolled-up sleeves, different camo?
  • Halo 2 style
  • Halo 3 style- hinged armor

Soft, Vacuformed, and Molded HelmsEdit


ODSTs have more armor than Marines.. but then again, it's not nearly as detailed as Spartan Mjolnir armor. It's probably vacuform-able.. and ABS plastic is already black. They also require a more complicated helmet than the Marines' open-faced deal, and they supposedly have a sealed suit, which means their BDUs need to be fitted closely and carefully to them, all skin can be covered there are two types of gloves that ODST spartans wear, half finger gloves and regular gloves.

There are three basic ODST variants:

  • Halo 2
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 3: ODST