The 405th forums are considered by many to be the central hub of the halo costuming community. Anyone and everyone interested in this topic is invited to join at one of those times that membership is open. Care must be taken to be respectful and non-critical of other people's work because the environment is intended to be a friendly supportive one.

Most information on this wiki either originates from the 405th forums, is stored on the 405th forums, and/or is at least added by 405th members. Both Sysops on this Wikia originated with the 405th.

The 405th Forums are not to be confused with the 405th Club which is currently being created and will require an approved canon costume for membership.

Friday, May 21, 2010 The site is returning a 403 Forbidden error due to a DDOS attack. As per the site admins "Ok guy, we know you can’t get into the forums. There is some­thing try­ing to access the forum post page like 200 times a sec­ond or some­thing over­load­ing the servers CPU. Pre­sum­ably a DDOS attack.

In the mean­time, we’re putting the forums on a short break until this attack ceases. No I have no idea when this might hap­pen. In the mean­time, be sure you’re fol­low­ing us at


If you’re a pepakura fan, you can access the par­tial data­base here: — I know we’re miss­ing most of the Reach files, and if any­one wants to share them, please con­tact us.

Hang in there guys, we’ll be back shortly.



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